May I have a free site visit even though I think that my drive is beyond help?                        Of course! Homeowners are constantly amazed to see what they thought was a driveway beyond saving transformed into a beautiful paved area.

I have a Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway, how often does it require resealing?
Leading Manufacturers of Pattern Imprinted Concrete strongly recommend a heavily trafficked area should be resealed every 2 -3 years or so. This will then help maintain both the colour appearance and the structural integrity of the concrete, without the correct sealant the concrete will lose colour and over time could even lead to a costly replacement driveway.

When is the best time to start the service?
There is never a bad time to start creating a beautiful driveway. You can adopt the service at any time.

Do I have to be at home when Lancashire ProWash come to work?
The majority of our customers do not have to be at home when we call to treat their driveways. Since all our vehicles and operatives are self sufficient we can carry out the treatment as long as we have access to the driveway and an outside tap.

Can we see examples of your work?
Yes. We have a number of driveways for you to view.

I have a few cracks in my concrete path; can you fill them before you clean and seal the area?
Yes, we can fill them. However, often the repaired cracks can appear more visible. Our recommendation is to leave them, the path or paving is highly unlikely to move or crumble.

Why don’t you recommend cleaning with a pressure washer?
Over time this may cause damage on block surfaces by upsetting the bedding sand beneath the block resulting in paving failure. Our cleaning machine acts on a rotary system which covers a larger surface so cleaning is not streaky, at the same time protecting the block from damage.

I have noticed that you offer a discount!
All discounts we offer are genuine savings. Our approach is to obtain business in a selected area on a weekly basis. By grouping our installations we save money, and this way so do you. This discount may not always be offered and we are strict on the period of the acceptance time.

How long does the sealant last?
The life expectancy of the sealant varies: - the quality and quantity of the sealant used, overhanging tree branches and foliage. traffic etc. Dependent on these factors the sealant can last from 2-8 years and sometimes longer.

After the drive has been sealed, how easy is it to clean off new oil or dirty stains?
Normally after sealing, bad stains are much easier to clean. The sealant finish has a high resistance to oil stains.

What about grass and weed growth?
When Pattern Imprinted Concrete is laid correctly, weed growth should be eliminated. However on block paving, weeds often grow in the surface joints, this can be resolved by using a weed killer twice a year and keeping the surface area sealed.

How long, after giving the order will it be before you can start work?
We usually start work within 2 weeks unless otherwise agreed. However this can vary according to the time of year and weather conditions.

Why can’t you clean and then immediately seal the surface?
After using the high pressured rotary cleaner, we need the surface to dry- this may take a day or two. This is because the sealants cannot be sprayed or brushed onto a damp surface as a milky film may occur under the sealant, this is known as ‘blooming’. A damp surface can lead to poor adhesion and discolouration.

Is cleaning my driveway a dirty job?
If your driveway has not been cleaned for a long time it is likely that you will see a lot of dirt the day the driveway is cleaned. We ensure all traces mud and debris are cleared the same day.

Is it ordinary sand that is installed between the blocks?
We always use kiln dried sharp sand for jointing. This type of sand binds together better than normal sand and the sealant acts as a binder joining the sand grains together. We can show you a sample of treated sand.

My block paving has been down for years and has never been sealed before. Is it all right to seal after so long?
There’s no problem, cleaning and sealing a drive of any age. The older the block the more porous the surface is, although more sealant is required. This is good for old drives, in our experience hey come up so well after cleaning and sealing.

Can we have our drive cleaned all year round?                                                                      Of course, and we usually take less than a day.

Can the sealant be installed all-year round?
With dry and warm conditions, the job will take between 3 – 5 days. We do not recommend sealing during the winter, when it can be wet and damp. 

Is there an anti-slip surface available?
The sealers we use are specially manufactured to minimise slipping, as they protect you against lichen and moss.We can add an additional anti-slip compound for you.

Would you come and just clean my driveway?
Yes, we will just clean a drive, path or patio. You don’t have to have it sealed.

Do you require both water and electricity points?
We do not require electricity. Our equipment is powered by a petrol generated motor. We do require a cold water supply. If a garden tap is available, that will suit our purpose fine.

Is it harmful to pets and plants?
As we spray near garden areas, w use a protection board which prevents the sealant from over-spray and protects plants and garden area. We take extra precaution around ponds and water areas. During the initial drying period it is essential to keep children and pets away from the installation, we recommend (approx) 4 hours. Some of the sealants used will release fumes, but the smell will usually disappear within 6 hours or so.

What if I already have a Gardener?
Many of our customers already have a gardener who can generally tidy up the exterior gardens. The work that Lancashire Prowash carries out requires expertise and experience within that area; we will not carry out any of the other work that your gardener does. If required, we would be happy to discuss the work we intend to carry out with your gardener.

Will the treatments address moss, lichen and algae?
Our treatments are specifically geared to addressing moss, lichen and algae problems on driveways

What do I do next - I want a quote?                                                                                                        Call us on 01253 736875 and one of our office staff will be happy to arrange an appointment for us to visit you. Or complete our online form.

I have certain worries about manholes, service piping to my home and drainage, for example, can you take care of these?

Of course. We are highly trained and will take into account all aspects that have been discussed regarding the cleaning, sealing or coating of your driveway, patio or paths.

My Tarmac drive was put down about 10 years ago. The edgings have come loose and the Tarmac is now chipping away. Can you help?                                                                    We would recommend that your existing Tarmac surface be made good from a strengthening view point - we will seal the edges and then the surface will be covered with our TarmaSeal. It will have a new appearance with years and years of future use. At an unbelievable price! Have a look at our gallery to see the 'before' and 'after' pictures.

Is the TarmaSeal  hard wearing and free from maintenance?                                                It is a hard wearing surface which requires very little maintenance. We offer a cleaning service which will keep your driveway in pristine condition.

What maintenance is there with Tarmac surfaces?                                                         Wash down once/twice a year with a mild solution of weed killer and water, this will kill any spores and weeds. Once every 7-10 years ask our cleaning and sealing company to professionally clean and treat your surface – it will come up like new.

 How long after do I have to wait before being able to use my drive?                                  We normally recommend not to put vehicles on a newly sealed drive for twenty four hours – depending on weather conditions – if we are undergoing a very hot spell of weather it may be a little longer. Foot traffic can use the surface fairly soon, but we advise waiting as long as possible.

Can you give me an idea of how much it will cost?                                                                 Just give us the measurements and we can give you an idea of what an average drive with those measurements would cost.  This may differ from an actual quotation which will include a free site visit.

I would like a quote for the services you offer, what do I do next?
Call us on 01253 723336 or fill in our online form and one of our office staff will be happy to arrange an appointment for us to visit you.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us - 01253 723336.