Tarmac Repairs

Over the last 15 years there have been some big advances in tarmac surface coating technology. In the past the only option may have been to dig up the tarmac but Lancashire ProWash can now restore faded tarmac to look like it was recently laid. 

The results of our tarmac restoration and tarmac repair service are often amazing. The products and techniques employed by Lancashire ProWash are now being widely used on many residential and commercial properties across the UK.

Our tarmac repair and restoration services include

  1. Treatment of moss and algae (if required) 
  2. Professional cleaning
  3. Remove loose stones
  4. Minor repairs 
  5. Cracks filling
  6. Application of 'Tarmaseal' tarmac Restorer.

The benefits of TARMASEAL are considerable:-

  • Completely removes the need to replace a tarmac surface
  • Can restore the original colouring of the tarmac
  • Re-introduces lost resins to the tarmac
  • Speedy and simple application by roller
  • Helps to prevent break up of the tarmac
  • Matches the colours of previously laid or repaired areas

See the tarmac restoration gallery...

Lancashire Pro Wash are pleased to offer tarmac cleaning and restoration also tarmac re-colouring  all over Lancashire.

For a tarmac restoration or tarmac repair FREE site survey and quote call our office 01253 723336 or the van 07961 968 012 or complete our online enquiry form now.